19/12/20 - 10/01/21 // II #play RCDE FIFA CUP

RCDE Academy FIFA CUP 2020


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Playstation 4








BO3 Best of Three

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RCD Espanyol


Global 85


  • 1º Beat The Pro vs RCDE First Ladies Squad Player
  • A signed football shirt from First Team Players




The Tournament

The RCDE Academy FIFA CUP 2020 Tournament is organized by Play Generation and the Real Club Deportivo Espanyol CF, in which the participants will be able to compete in the FIFA20 videogame in an ONLINE TOURNAMENT with free registration.

Tournament Description

The Tournament will consist of a competition between players of the FIFA 20 videogame on PlayStation4, developed between Dec 26th and Jan 10th.

The players will be facing each other until they reach the grand Final. The Tournament will have two phases and Brackets:

  • From From Dec 26th to Jan 10th: A CLASSIFICATION BRACKET to be played during the week among the participants.
  • •Jan 09th -10th: A FINAL BRACKET where the four finalists of the previous bracket will be faced.

The Semifinals and Final of the Tournament may be broadcast live on Twitch.

Conditions of participation

To participate, the player must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a student of RCDE Academy Schools
  • Minimum Age: 6 years
  • PSN game account.
  • Have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account and make ‘like / follow’ the Play Generation accounts:

                         _ Facebook:
                         _ Instagram:
                         _ Twitter:

(*) Regarding the age limitation, all minors are considered to be authorized by their father, mother or legal guardian. Personal data must be true.

(*) Registration will be done free of charge through the registration form on the website

The registration period will end on December 24th, 2020. The organization will have a WhatsApp number where they can respond and resolve incidents and will serve as direct communication ORGANIZATION – PLAYER.

(*) About PSN game accounts, if a banned player is detected playing with another account, they will be penalized and the player’s account will be blocked. If any participant identify a case of it, or they must inform to add any appeal, they have to open a Complain Ticket to the Organization.

(*) About Social Network Accounts, for those participants who do not have profiles in this networks, they may choose to access through their own tutors or to create a new one managed by one of them.

Game accounts

The PSN game account must be updated and the same one with which it will be played must appear in the profile. The failure it will be a reason for sanction and a possible disqualification from the tournament. Updating the game account is strictly prohibited without the permission of a competition referee.


Every team / player must understand that offensive, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic or homophobic names are totally prohibited, as well as explicit or publicistic references.

The Organization reserves the right to eliminate, change and even disqualify any player / team that fails to comply with these regulations.




General Macht Conditions

For each of the qualifying rounds, as well as the final rounds, they will be governed by the following competition guidelines:

  • All matches will be played in ONLINE FRIENDLY MATCH mode.
  • About Team Eligibility: ULTIMATE TEAM teams ARE NOT ALLOWED
    Only the R.C.D.Espanyol team from the OFFICIAL LEAGUE available in the FIFA20 video game can be chosen to compete in the tournament.
    The global averages of all players will be set to 85 to equal that the level is equal and there are no imbalances due to a greater or lesser average of players and teams.
  • The matches will be individual “1 vs 1”.
  • The classification will be obtained at BO3  [Best Of 3 matches(2)] whose match duration will be 6 minutes per part.
  • The match speed will be set to NORMAL.
  • In the event of a tie with integration, the tiebreaker will be played for overtime and penalties.

All tournament participants are required to attach a capture with the final results of the match so that the organization can verify who is the winner. Manipulating such files is, of course, totally prohibited and will be punished with harsh penalties.

Before the match

  • Schedules: After the draw and pairings of the participants, on Wednesday the 25th at 12 at 12 noon the start times of the competition will be enabled both on the web and on the Social Media channels.

    The Timeline published at the brackets and schedules will be indicative. A minimum of 24 hours will be given by the Organization and there would be the participants those who have to agree on a time for the match.

  • Game Accounts: Every participant must review and verify that the PSN game account reflected by the rival is the same one plays with in the game. In the event that the match begins or has ended, it cannot be claimed. However, the organization will be able to determine what action to take in this situation.

During the match

  • Connection issues: Players are responsible for their own technical problems (hardware / internet).
  • Disconnections: If there were disconnections with the score at 0-0, the game has to be restarted with the remaining time remaining.

    If a goal had been scored, there will be 2 options:
    _ The players will agree to play the remaining time and add the additional goals.
    _ The Organization will decide on the final score.

    If during the first macht, any player of the Team is sent off, the expulsions determined intentionally must be committed and the remaining time must continue after that.

    In any case, we recommend opening a Complain Ticket from your match to inform the organization.

  • Round Delays:

    If you detect that your match is taking longer than usual, it is necessary for both players to open a Compliment Ticket to inform the Organization.

    However, the rounds are marked with more than enough round time to play the match. Failure to respect this point may lead to the disqualification of both players.

After the match

  • Draws: The competition is played with EA integration, the match will automatically be configured with overtime and penalties.
    It is recommended that players review the quick rules from the “info” tab to determine if the tournament is played with or without integration.


  • Screenshots: Bothplayers must after finishing the game, send the result to the Organization. The total score of a match must be reported by both players, using captures or images that show the final result of the game.

    The capture have to be uploaded:

     _ Sending a whatsapp image to the specific number used to attend the Tournament.

     _ Or mailing the capture and the final result of the match to:

    (*) The manipulation ofthe catch leads to the immediate expulsion of the player / participant.

  • Default win: Once the match time has been agreed, if when a participant has tried unsuccessfully to contact his opponent during the first 10-15 minutes of the match, he may request the default victory.

    To do this, you must open a Complain Ticket. In some cases the competition referee may decide, depending on the circumstances, whether the match should be played.

Play generation




All participants must comply with the decisions of the competition referees, as well as the rules of the organization of the tournament.

The conversations between the referees and the participants are confidential. Posting or sharing these conversations on social networks or other means is totally prohibited unless you have permission from the organization. Otherwise, the player will be sanctioned according to the severity of the facts.

Support / Complain Ticket

The participant may contact the administration at any time through the protest tickets.

Play’s management team will assist you as soon as possible. In the event that you need to report any problems in a match during the competition, you should open a protest in your match:

  • Protests made after more than 60 minutes after the game has closed could be considered invalid. When there is a problem you should always try to contact the administration, before, during or at the end of the meeting.
  • If you have detected any irregularity or problem before starting the game, you should open a protest to solve it. If, despite this, the game begins and / or ends, regardless of the result, no protest will be accepted about the detected problem, because when agreeing to play the game, the participant assumes and fully accepts said condition.
  • Protests about any irregularity / problem must be accompanied by evidence (capture, images, combat code …) that shows the accusations made.
  • How and where to create a Match Complain Ticket? The participant can do it by sending mail to the Organization.

Play generation